Soccer rebound walls in soccer

April 21, 2020

Soccer Rebound Wall

Rebound walls and their usefulness in training.

The best soccer coaches are those who bring out the best in you on the field using whatever resources they have to help you shine on the field of play.

When practicing soccer on your own, you can use these same resources that OnTheBall makes available to you, and bounce walls are an excellent tool to improve the technical quality of your plays.

Rebound walls basically have two benefits: Dribbling and Control

Dribbling is an individual skill, characteristic of various ball sports, which consists of making movements and fakes with different parts of the body in possession of the ball, in order to avoid an opponent and prevent him from snatching the ball from him.

The rebound walls can emulate the presence of an opponent on the court that you must evade without losing control of the soccer ball. In this sense, you can place several rebound walls as obstacles on the soccer field or in the training area you have and evade the opponents in sequence. Even if you go out to train with a friend, or if you follow the instructions of OnTheBall best soccer coaches, the bounce walls can be strategically placed to make it difficult to pass between them until you reach the designated goal at the end of the journey. At first, it is difficult and you may feel a bit clumsy, but practice makes perfect, and repetition will help with your eye-foot coordination.

However, once the sequence is mastered, change it, challenge your mind and keep your eyes alert.

Control. The idea of ​​obstacles is to hinder the journey and simulate the most real and uncomfortable situations you can face on the field of play, to overcome them without losing control of the soccer ball from your loot. Also, more control means fewer soccer injuries and more goals.

Having good shoes and good soccer cleats while doing these practices is essential. Your ankle is the guide that gives direction and effect to the ball to effectively evade these soccer practice obstacles or the opponent in a real game. So you must protect it using the right shoe.

Training tools, such as cones, rebound walls, poles, ladders, mannequins, obstacles, nets, and then targets, are specialized to provide inexhaustible means for performing exercises and tactics, and enable the clinic of different techniques, while avoiding costly damage to their other soccer teams. Soccer training aids can make it easy for you or your team to become the point machine you would like to be, and OnTheBall is not only the best soccer training app to teach you different techniques and game simulations, but we have the accessories to improve your game at the level of Bryan Jordan, Matt Jurman, Kosta Barbarouses or Andrew Nabbout.